Issue 9

  • Anatomy of a Job Benefit: 5 Steps for Flexible Schedules

    Flexible schedules have been a hallmark of hospitality workplaces across the country, and it is a benefit that employees value highly. To stay competitive in a tough recruiting market, develop the best possible version of flexible scheduling in your workplace by utilizing these 5 tips.

  • How AI Will Change Training, For Better or For Worse

    How AI Will Change Training, for Better or for Worse

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology that has recently reached a turning point where it has become accessible and helpful to business professionals. This newfound usability has prompted many hospitality trainers to consider how AI can be utilized to streamline their content creation and optimize their operations.

  • Case Study: Sonesta’s AGM Apprentice Program Upskills a Talented, Certified Staff

    Sonesta Hotels (like many companies) lost a lot of employees over the pandemic and they took their institutional knowledge with them. As the pool of home-grown talent dried up, getting creative with training to identify and develop future leaders was mission-critical.

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