Issue 12

  • Upping the Ante on Modern Training Styles and demystifying Game-based Learning

    Upping the Ante on Modern Training Styles

    Game-based simulation training allows for an engaging and comprehensive learning experience. Training programs that nurture both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation foster a better path to learning. Static and traditional learning methods struggle to unlock the real impact of these core psychological principles, making game-based simulation training the most effective method of learning. It also creates a safe space to fail—crucial for situations which might happen rarely but carry devastating consequences for your business.

  • How Slim Chickens Drives Brand Consistency and Community With Their LMS

    Operating in the fiercely competitive fast-casual segment, Slim Chickens recognizes that ensuring operational and brand consistency across franchise locations is critical to their success. Learn about how they utilize their Wisetail LMS, “The Porch,” as a centralized resource hub, to communicate among and manage the learnings of multiple teams, to support employee and restaurant success through training roadmaps and feedback loops, to leverage different learning styles, to manage operational tasks, and more.

  • Rev Up Your Recruiting: Optimizing Your Employee Referral Program in 2024

    Optimizing Your Employee Referral Program

    Finding and retaining top talent in the highly competitive recruiting battles of the hospitality industry can be an incredibly challenging task. However, there is a powerful yet often underutilized tool at your disposal that can revolutionize your recruitment efforts: employee referral programs. By leveraging the networks and goodwill of your existing team members, you can save time, money, and effort, and end up with better quality candidates.

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