Issue 10

  • Break Your Training

    Break your training! Not so it doesn’t work anymore, but to make it work BETTER. Splitting your content into smaller pieces lets your learners get engaged faster. It allows them to take in and implement bite-sized skills immediately instead of trying to learn everything they might ever need to know all at once.

  • The Dynamic Duo: Training and HR

    More than any other departments in the hospitality world, combining the efforts of Training and Human Resources can result in a dynamic duo to spur both individual and collective growth among your teams and provide competitive advantages for your hotels or restaurants for many years to come.

  • Trauma-informed Leadership

    Many, if not most, of our team members, guests, and others have histories of trauma, which can manifest in different ways. Trauma-informed Leadership involves a set of principles that leaders can use to shape the way that people interact within the organization.

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