When good isn’t good enough, you have to be different

When good isn’t good enough, you have to be different
May 6, 2019 mcdaniels

When good isn’t good enough, you have to be different.

Our most recent conference in Albuquerque was packed with practical, hands-on information that you can take back to your organizations and start applying. But one of the most influential sessions this year came in the form of Richard Hight at his “Developing the Masterpiece in You” session.

Gifted (as he likes to call it) with dyslexia, Richard sees things other people can’t see. It’s how he creates these wonderful chalk-art masterpieces and how he inspires others to keep “Chasing Light: Seeing the Invisible So You Can Do The Impossible.” This also happens to be the title of his book.

His 60-minute session, which is filled with inspirational anecdotes and stories, will help you see new possibilities, stimulate creativity, identify opportunity, and spark innovation in times of change. Watch this highlight video and add your favorite takeaways to this already long list of coffee-mug-worthy quotes:

“When you can set yourself apart and be different, that is how you’ll be valued and remembered.”

“My differences have become my strengths because my mindset changed.”

“Some of you have ideas that need to come to life. It will stay ideas until you walk toward it.”

“It’s more important to have the right questions than the right answers.”

“Fail quickly, learn from it and move.”

“The best ideas are parked next to the foolish ideas.”

“What makes you different can make you great.”

– Richard Hight

Richard Hight is an award-winning, international speaker. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX networks. He has presented to Fortune 500 companies, military bases, educational conferences and national sporting events. His paintings hang in over 50 universities, as well as corporate and influential collections.

Want more? Watch Richard’s full session here.