Issue 6

  • The 5 Lessons 2020 Taught Us

    People say that this past year was unprecedented, but the reality is that 2020 was just an accelerant to trends that were already happening–both nationwide mega-trends and trends within the hospitality industry. Instead of saying 2020 is hindsight, let’s take advantage of the lessons learned for foresight into 2021 and beyond.

  • Not Just a Job: Building Career Focus Among Restaurant Professionals

    Too often, positions in the restaurant industry are seen simply as jobs—going through the motions to earn a paycheck, rather than careers—a pathway to increased responsibility, with a commitment to the success of the employee as well as the organization. You can help awaken your employees and energize them by showing them how to transform their job into a career with these tips.

  • Hospitality Needs Trainers More Than Ever—And Trainers Need Their Fundamentals

    Out with the old in the New Year? Not so fast! Visionary leaders in hospitality training can use the hindsight of training fundamentals for the foresight needed in 2021.

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