Issue 7

  • Turn Pain into Empowerment by Reframing Your Story

    Giving your team the tools to reframe their experiences and develop positive stories about their own strength, determination, and perseverance can help them feel empowered and connected, with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Here is an exercise that can go a long way to help your employees recover from, and even grow, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, along with 5 tips for guiding your team through the process effectively.

  • Resilience 3.0: Guidance Toward a Next Generation of Work-Centric Initiatives

    Resilience is a dynamic and ongoing part of transforming human potential. Resilient employees and organizations not only adapt and overcome, they also learn to lean in, take on stress, and thrive. Here are five guidelines to help you both prepare for and implement a resilience initiative in your organization.

  • Creating a Hospitality Workplace that Supports Mental Wellness

    Our industry is adversely impacted by a lack of awareness of mental illness and available resources. Hospitality workers regularly cope with fast-paced environments, long and sometimes unpredictable hours, and other conditions that can significantly impact their mental wellness, not to mention stressors outside of work, including the pandemic. Here are some key strategies and initiatives to help create a workplace that supports mental wellness.

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